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Terms and Conditions for CollectSkins.com

Updated: January 8th 2018

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using collectskins.com or any of its services. Your access to and use of any service provided by collectskins.com is conditioned by users acceptance and compliance with these Terms. All Terms and conditions apply to all visitors and users of the collectskins.com and/or any of its partners and services.

1. Usage of accounts on CollectSkins.com
1.0 When logging into CollectSkins.com visitors and users automatically accept the terms and conditions when using CollectSkins.com or any of its services.
1.1 Your account is personal and may not be used by another individual.
1.2 Accounts are limited to your steam account in possession of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive PC game making you able to trade skins.
1.3 It is the users own responsible to setup steam community page and be at least Level 1 on their Steam Account.
1.4 If you are inactive for more than 3 months (coinflip, doing ads, trade) your balance will be set to 0.
1.5 You are only allowed to trade to your own account - meaning you can not trade to other accounts then the one your are logged in with

2. Earning Coins
2.0 All users have the possibility to earn coins on CollectSkins.com
2.1 All users must provide correct information to Collecskins.com and its partners.
2.2 CollectSkins.com reserves the right to exclude any user that is violating our terms and conditions.
2.3 CollectSkins.com reserves the right to make adjustments in any user balance in case of any implications with users balance.
2.4 Surveys and Offers are designed to each individual user and is depended on demographics and geographical location so any kind of IP-address manipulation (Such as Proxy, VPN, public Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots (Like xfinity, Xcom etc. ) is strictly prohibited and will be punished with a permanent ban from CollectSkins.com. This can either be detected by CollectSkins.com or our ad providers and will without any exceptions result in a permanent ban.
2.5 Using our free coins section you can earn an extra amount of coins. However, these coins should be seen as a supplement to earnings coins by doing surveys/ watching ads etc.
We, therefore, reserve the right to demand that at least ~50 % of the Price on the skins you withdraw must be earned coins and not coins generated from the free coins page. (This will also count for coins made on playing games like: crash, coinflip & dice)
2.6 Mining coins on CollectSkins.com (using our own miner) uses a cryptocurrency miner which might affect your CPU (Processor) and GPU (Graphic Card) if these Hardware parts of your pc suffer any damages it is at your own responsibility. When choosing to mine coins on CollectSkins.com you mining towards our wallet and we will reward you according to what our mining pool rewards you. The earned coins made using the miner will be subject to a 30 days verification and can at any time be charged back by CollectSkins.com if the coins rewarded do not correspond to the hashing speed provided by the individual user.

3. Buying skins from the Shop
3.0 When have earned sufficient amount of coins, users may use coins to redeem skins from the shop.
3.1 It is the users own responsibility to select their desired skin correctly.
3.2 CollectSkins.com does not offer any refunds or return of skins bought from the shop.
3.3 Wrong trade URLs and trade banned accounts will get no refunds or resend the skin
3.4 You must own the game you buy a skin for, on your steam account. Ex. if you buy a csgo skin you must have csgo on your steam account!

4. Ownership and Administrators
4.0 CollectSkins.com is owned by Jacknus & PederseNN
4.1 CollectSkins.com is administrated by 2 founders (Jacknus, PederseNN) & 1 administrator (Nova)

5. Help and contact
5.0 If any doubt users can help can be accessed through our help tab, where lots of questions is being answered (Including Missing Points & Tutorials).
5.1 If you have any further questions regarding CollectSkins.com, press on the support button or write in the chat. We are always trying to answer questions and support tickets as fast as possible.

6. Chat
6.1 It is not allowed to post any pornographic material whatsoever in the chat.
6.2 It it not allowed to spam in chat (post referal links/codes etc).
6.3 In general be nice to everyone and not racial - Moderators and Admins always have the final decision on whether or not you violate these terms!

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